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Posted 26 May, 2008 9:32 PM GMT


Prof. of Mathematics - P.I. LAMCA 

I am currently the principal investigator (PI) of IMPA's Laboratory for Analysis and Mathematical Modelling in the Applied Sciences (LAMCA). For info about LAMCA click here.


For a list of my publications please click here.
Here you can download a copy of the  bibtex information .

I have also some main lines of research that I have worked throughout the years. They are: 
  • Mathematical Methods in Finance 
  • Mathematical Methods and Modeling of Biophysical Phenomena 
  • Solitons, Integrable Systems, and Nonlinear Evolution Equations
  • Collaborators
    Here are references to the e-mail or home pages of some of my collaborators:
  • Fabio Chalub
  • Marie Doumic-Jauffret
  • Antonio Leitao
  • Peter A. Markowich
  • Benoit Perthame
  • Alexander L. Sakhnovich
  • Chiara Mocenni
  • Antonio Vicino
  • Emiliano Sparacino
  • P.Casati 
  • G.Falqui 
  • Marco A. Grivet 
  • F.Alberto Grunbaum 
  • F.Magri 
  • G.Malajovich 
  • M.Pedroni 
  • M.Schonbek 
  • Max O. Souza
  • A.N.Todorov 
  • Former and Present Students

    Here is a list of my former as well as present students:
  • Ph.D. 
  • M.Sc. Students
  • Current Students
  • Senior Thesis

  • Interesting Links

    Click here for a number of interesting links

    Courses at IMPA

    I have taught a number of courses at IMPA. Here you will find links to some of these courses. Most of this is still under contruction.
  • Computational Methods in Finances I 
  • Functional Analysis 
  • Spectral Theory 
  • Numerical Analysis 
  • Wavelets 
  • Mathematical Methods for Inverse Problems 
  • Introduction to Computational Mathematics

  • Seminars and Activities

    The following are seminars/conferences we actively participate(d):
  • Seminar on Mathematical Methods in Biology 
  • Seminar on Mathematical Physics and Partial Differential Equations 
  • INdAM intensive bimester on Integrable Systems 
  • Foundations of Computational Mathematics 
  • Mathematical Methods in Tomography